The filter station Modrac was built in 1969 based on an Ansaldo-Italy license.

The main goal of the plant is the production of:

– decarbonized water for the technological needs of the plant (using limestone milk as a softener and aluminium sulphate as flocculents)

– Water for sanitary needs of the city (water from wells)

The decarbonisation unit has three lines with a capacity of 350 m³/s each. The process consists of the following activities:

– Adding limestone milk to crude water to eliminate carbonates. This process reduces water hardness (preventing incrustations in pipelines)

– Adding aluminium sulphate to bind flocculants to accelerate sludge settling

– Sludge decantation

 -Water filtration (sand filters).

The water production system for sanitary needs has a capacity of 5000-6000 m³/day. It contains 17 wells, a water disinfection unit (NAHOCl) and a pumping station.