The complete factory covers a total area of ​​102.7 hectares. The capacities of the various facilities in the plant are well balanced, so there are no significant obstacles in the process flow from the coke battery to the non-products plants.

GIKIL’s Coke plant uses “renewable non-products” technology. The production process begins with defining which types of coking coal are suitable to produce the specified quality of coke required by the customer.

Maleic Anhydride Plant
The Maleic Anhydride (MAK) plant, originally designed in 1979, used benzene as a base to produce maleic anhydride, and since 2006 has been converted to use n-butane as a base. 
Power Plant has three boilers (2×35 tons/h and 1×70 tons/h) and two steam turbines with a total designed capacity of 16 MW per hour, of which 8 MW is used internally, and the rest is sold.
Maintenance Plant
Maintenance Plan is a specialized organization for the production, assembly and maintenance of process equipment and facilities in GIKIL and specialized services for third parties outside GIKIL for various fields of activity – all on time and at minimal prices.
The Fertilizer Plant was built in 1962 for the production of calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) with a nitrogen (N) content of 27%. The annual capacity is 90,000 tons. The plant consists of two main units, the nitric acid production plant and the CAN plant. 
The filter station Modrac was built in 1969 on the basis of an Ansaldo-Italy license. The main goal of the plant is the production of decarbonated water for the technological needs of the factory (using limestone milk as a softener and aluminum sulfate as a flocculant) and sanitary water.