As a company with a long manufacturing history, we are responsible for embedding corporate social responsibility into our culture and business strategy. Therefore, social responsibility at GIKIL is our full-time commitment. It inspires our way of thinking and influences our activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at GIKIL means acting in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner for the benefit of future generations while meeting the needs of all stakeholders. Our activities create core value ​​for GIKIL and all our customers, clients, employees, investors, contractors and the communities in which we operate. They are essential both in setting CSR priorities and in product development.

We are working hard to address some of the biggest challenges facing our community. We are committed to sustainable solutions for the benefit of society, its people and the economy. Social responsibility at GIKIL is not just a program or a series of goodwill. Our mission is to strive to improve social, governance, environmental and economic sustainability.

When GIKIL implements CSR activities, it is important to consider these activities not only from a quantitative perspective but also from a qualitative perspective. As such, GIKIL focuses on areas where we can make a difference, either through the way we operate internally or through our broader impact on society.

Being a good corporate citizen is a priority for GIKIL.