Fertilizer Plant was built in 1962 for the production of calcium ammonium nitrate (KAN) with a nitrogen (N) content of 27%. The annual capacity is 90,000 tons. The plant consists of two main units, the nitric acid production plant and the KAN plant. The finished product (KAN) is sent to silos for cooling. From the silo, KAN is transferred to packaging or directly for shipping in bulk.

Nitric acid is produced by catalytic oxidation of ammonia vapors at a temperature of around 830°C in a specially designed reactor. The produced nitrogen gases are cooled and then washed with demineralized water and weak nitric acid. GIKIL’s nitric acid plant produces acid with a concentration of 53%.

The produced nitric acid is used for the production of ammonium nitrates in the reaction with ammonia in the reactor. The produced ammonium nitrate is concentrated to 95%, mixed with filler, recycled and dried in a granulator. The granules produced are different based on size. The fine fraction is sent to silos and packed for shipment.