The Overhaul Plant is an organization that manufactures, assembles, and maintains equipment and process facilities at GIKIL, and provides specialized services to third parties outside GIKIL, for various fields of activities.

The Overhaul Plant has specialized workshops for the following activities:

– Manufacturing, assembly and overhaul of process equipment and constructions,

– Servicing and major repairs of rotating machines such as reducers, pumps, fans, compressors, electric motors, etc.

– Vibro-diagnosis of industrial machines with the establishment of a diagnosis of the technical condition

– Axial centring with a laser device

– Calibration of measuring instruments,

– Measurements and testing of electrical devices,

– Mechanical production of parts on universal and special machines

– Thermal treatment

– Logistical support of transport and lifting of cargo.



We have the following machines to meet different requirements:

 – Turning: easy, medium and hard for diameters:

up to Ø 250 mm, length up to 1,300 mm

up to Ø 315 mm, length up to 12,000 mm

up to Ø 500 mm, length up to 2,000 mm

up to Ø 1350 mm, length up to 6,000 mm

 – Milling on all types of universal milling machines, equipped with complete accessories, with a longitudinal working stroke of up to 1000 mm, a diameter of up to 400 mm and a vertical stroke of up to 800 mm.

– Planing to length of 700 mm.

– Drilling on radial drills up to Ø 75 mm, maximum radius 2100 mm, on column drills up to Ø 32 mm, on portable drills with magnetic holder up to Ø 25 mm.

– Straight grinding up to length 750 mm, height up to 340 mm, cylindrical diameter up to Ø 350 mm, length up to 2080 mm.


Bohrwerk (horizontal boring machine)

– Processing of pieces with a height of up to 1900 mm and a length of up to 7000 mm.

Carousel Machine

Processing of pieces with a height of up to 2060 mm, a diameter of 4250 mm and a weight of up to 350 kN

Vertical Planer

A machine for making slots up to a height of 700 mm and a diameter of a turntable of 800 mm

The machines are located in two workshop halls with a total area of ​​1,600 m2, which are served by cranes with load capacities of 100 kN and 400 kN, spans of 8, 7 and 15 m and hook heights of 4 and 6 m.


Production of various types of process equipment in the chemical and process industry: various vessels, devices, columns, heat exchangers, transport devices and other types of equipment with very high operational requirements.

We make equipment from all kinds of materials such as: carbon, low and high alloy stainless and fireproof steels, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Production of all types of light, medium and heavy constructions, facilities and installations


Bending of sheets up to 3000 mm wide, up to 20 mm thick,

Cutting and tailoring of sheets up to 3000 mm wide, up to 20 mm thick,

Rolling pipes into pipe walls from 10 to 80 mm nominal diameter,

Annealing of all geometric shapes up to 1000 °C with automatic registration of the operating mode,

Heat treatment up to 1200 °C, dimensions 1000x620x450 mm,

Electric and autogenous welding, welding in CO2 and argon protection, and work on automatic welding machines,

Testing under pressure up to 200 bar,

Assembly and overhaul of all types of process equipment and constructions in the process and chemical industry

We perform the above types of work in workshops with a total area of ​​1800 m2. The workshop is equipped with a crane with a capacity of 100 kN, a span of 14.5 m and a hook height of 5 m. For repair and assembly work, we offer a car crane with a load capacity of 400 kN and a hook height of up to 40 m, a telescopic forklift with a load capacity of 70 kN and an arm height of 14 m. For other logistical needs, we use our own forklifts, trucks and other means.


Many years of experience in defect repair, production of new parts, repair of parts and assembly of all types of rotating machines.


We have specialized experiences:

Control and diagnostics of the working condition of driving and driven devices with the help of VibScanner

Determination of alignment (Regulation),

Determining the imbalance (Balancing),

Determining the condition of sliding and rolling bearings


Smaller losses of electricity,

Less heating of the electric motor,

Fewer repairs and downtime,

Anticipating downtime with minor consequences,

Longer service life of electric motors, drive and drive devices (pumps, reducers, fans, …).


We perform calibration of: pressure gauges, regulators, pointers, recorders, transmitters (electric and pneumatic).

We install measuring and regulating devices, as well as minor repairs of measuring instruments.




– We have a thermal imaging camera for the detection of heat sources on electrical installations and electrical equipment

– We have a device for laser centring of machines

– We have a device for ultrasonic measurement of wall thickness