PHOTO/VIDEO The biggest post-war investment: A new reactor has arrived at GIKIL

The implementation of the project of increasing the plant’s production capacity is underway at GIKIL’s Maleic Anhydride (MAP) Plant. Along with the procurement of the reactor, this is the biggest post-war investment, whose construction began in 2021 and full transition to production with the new reactor is planned for 2024. 

Following the latest technologies, with the aim of increasing production capacity, from the current 10,000 tons to 13,000 tons and potentially increasing the annual capacity to 15,000 tons all in order to achieve the best yield and the highest selectivity, reduce the generation of unwanted by-products and make better use of distillation system, GIKIL has chosen a modern single-size reactor of larger dimensions with the highest possible efficiency.

The useful life of the old reactor, which was commissioned in 1984, expired at least 15 years ago. However, until now, there has apparently never been enough will or funds to replace everything and ensure the smooth operation of the plant, which in itself shows how big and important this investment is,” said Almin Suljić, Executive Director for Production at GIKIL.

The first phase, which includes providing the basic engineering for production increase, is now complete. 

“The basic engineering includes the replacement of the reactor, which has not been changed for 40 years, then the replacement of the compressor and the tank for clean AMK as well as the installation of a new tank for crude AMK.

Furthermore, the plan is to replace the following: the salt tank, the gas cooler and aftercooler, the boiler water preheater, the distiller heater and the butane evaporator heater. We are also planning to replace the pumps and the transformer, install an acid cooler and the fourth pastillator, upgrade the automatic control system, and expand the butane storage from 1,000 to 2,000 cubic meters,” explains Ermin Mujkić, Director of Maleic Anhydride Plant.

Along with the project of increasing the plant’s production, also another important project is underway. 

“This refers to the project for the technological wastewater treatment from the production process. As part of the basic engineering, the project includes the separation of the solid part of fumaric acid from technological wastewater and its use for commercial purposes. “The treatment of the collected filtrate is the second phase of the project, and we will deal with it from the end of August,” Mujkić said.

The Maleic Anhydride Plant was commissioned in 1979 with benzene as a raw material, and the entire process was based on the catalytic reaction of benzene oxidation. Starting in 2006, the raw material has been changed to the environmentally friendly n-butane.

IT Equipment Donated to the “Lukavac Grad” Primary School

In order to improve the educational process and provide students with better quality education, our company decided to help another school with IT equipment.

A valuable donation in the form of smart TVs, computers and related equipment was handed over today to the primary school “Lukavac Grad”.

We believe that our donation will make it easier for teachers to deliver educational content, bring knowledge closer to the needs of the digital modern age, and help students more easily visualize and master the educational process. 

Our company previously supported the “Lukavac Grad” school in equipping a multimedia classroom.

Students from Lukavac Combined Secondary School visited GIKIL

Students and professors of Natural Sciences Staff from Lukavac Combined Secondary School visited our company last week to improve and enrich their knowledge of biology and chemistry.

On this occasion, the students were introduced to the production process in the plant and the process of chemical analysis of raw materials and final products. Accompanied by our quality control representatives, the students visited the laboratories for product quality monitoring. In addition to technical presentations, they also had the opportunity to perform specific measurements and analyses themselves.

PHOTO/ Coke Plant in the Eyes of Children: Imagination and creativity through 58 works of art

“Mom at Work/ Dad at Work” is the name of our art competition for employees’ children aged five to twelve.

Sixty works of art were collected by open competition and 58 of them from small participants met the requirements.

Best paintings selected by the judging committee were awarded, and the company also provided special gifts for all other participants.

All works will be exhibited in the “Coke Plant” art gallery in the administration building after completion of the ongoing building transformation and renovation works.

In the meantime, enjoy the digital exhibition below.  

PHOTO/We are starting the New Year with a priority: A satisfied worker, a satisfied parent, a satisfied child

With the awarding of prizes, diplomas, certificates of appreciation and gifts for all participants, our art competition called “Mom at work/Dad at work”, organized for the children of workers, ended successfully.

The large hall of GIKIL, filled to capacity, testified that this is another confirmation of the importance of connecting with employees beyond regular business obligations, especially when it is adorned with sincere children’s smiles.

The way children see and imagine their parents at work in the Coke Plant was illustrated by the works of sixty children, aged five to twelve, giving the committee the most difficult task. 

Electric locomotive operators, machine drivers, engineers of various professions, construction workers, welders, coke battery workers, gasholder operators, locksmiths, control panel operators, employees of the procurement department, human resources, finance department, railway traffic, quality control, firefighters, cooks, medical workers, security and others, are occupations that children have shown through their imagination and creativity.

A total of six winners were chosen, in two categories, and in addition to the main prizes and diplomas for first, second and third place, the company also awarded all the other children with special gifts and certificates of appreciation. Through animation and discussion, children also had the opportunity to hear about the workdays of firefighters, nurses, safety engineers, security guards, coke oven supervisors and railway traffic supervisors. 

All works will be exhibited in the company’s art gallery as a memory and reminder of our top priority, which is children’s happiness.

Happy workers, happy parents, happy children.

A new Individual Employee Agreement based on the New Collective Agreement applies at the company

The Company’s Management and the Union today signed a New Collective Agreement with each employee. After successful negotiations and the necessary conditions, the document was officially signed.

In addition to salary increases, new agreements for employees and the Company will bring about improvements in general working conditions and ensure constructive and social dialogue.

The contract was signed for two years.

This further confirms that good cooperation is possible in all areas, especially in relation to workers’ needs and rights. The dialogue continues and we make big plans and accomplish what we set out to do. 

Support for the “Classrooms for the 21st Century” project: A Smart TV Monitor donated to Poljice Primary School

At the request of the Management of the primary school “Poljice”, today we made another donation on behalf of our company to all the students of the school. This is a smart TV monitor by which we decided to support their project “Classrooms for the 21st Century” with the aim of improving the educational process according to the needs of modern education.

We believe our donation will contribute to more effective learning and creative interactions between teachers and students about which we were convinced during the visit. On this occasion we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.  

Photo/Recognition for Outstanding Service and Contribution to Work: These are GIKIL’s workers of the year

In accordance with the adopted remuneration policy, today we presented awards and letters of appreciation to the most outstanding employees of GIKIL. Fourteen of them have won the coveted title of 2022 Employee of the Year.

As pointed out by the company’s Managing Director, Dževad Kasumović, the title awarded is a prize for exceptional effort, achievement and outstanding commitment in the execution of the tasks.

“Your work has been recognized and I would like to extend my congratulations and thank you for everything you have done for us. You have been selected by your departments which is the best reflection that your superiors and colleagues really appreciate you. “I hope that you will continue to be a role model for everyone. Through this act, I encourage everyone else to do their best in their work. It is up to us to create an ambience of recognition and appreciation”, he added.

For the smiles of 350 children: GIKIL’s New Year’s party brought together all generations

Our Company held a traditional December celebration in the Great Hall of the Lukavac Cultural Centre, during which New Year’s packages were distributed to the workers’ children.

This year, we broke our own record and distributed abundant packages to over 350 children.

Little ones were entertained by professional actors and animators and the indispensable Santa Claus.

Ending 2022 with great achievements and excellent business results, we plan and hope that the coming year will bring even more possibilities and valuable business opportunities.

In addition to stable production, as a socially responsible company that puts each employee and the community first, we wish everyone good health, personal and professional success, and good cooperation in 2023.

GIKIL wishes you a Happy New Year! 

Pupils and students, as well as children of workers, are included in the scholarship programme

Rijad Kovačević, a student of the Faculty of Technology at the University of Tuzla, Department of Chemical Engineering, is a new scholarship holder of our company.

“The scholarship program is carried out in accordance with the adopted Scholarship Policy as a further indication of the company’s clear direction to openly support pupils and students of both technical orientations and deficient occupations of importance for the Society, but also gifted pupils and students, and pupils and students of weaker financial status,” Irina Dugonjić, Director of Human Resources and Administration at GIKIL, said on this occasion.

The aim of the scholarship program is to foster the synergy between science and industry, bring future staff closer to practice, and provide practical solutions to challenging issues that arise through practice.

Under this policy, one of the additional forms of support to elementary, middle school, high school and college students is to provide monthly travel passes for employees’ children. Approximately 130 children are currently included in the program.