Mechanical Engineering Students Completed their Industrial Internship at GIKIL: Harmony between Research Quality and Industry Needs

Safet Horozić is in his final year at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tuzla. In recent weeks, together with his colleagues, Safet has carried out an industrial practice at Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac. In addition to the knowledge gained, Safet says he will bring a lot of experience from GIKIL to help him complete his studies and decide on his future career.


“Since I am studying in the industrial engineering department, this was the first time I was exposed to specific jobs and received practical training, so the internship was very useful. So far, we have only had one day to visit the company. There are great mentors and people around them who are always willing to show us, explain and answer questions, so I am very pleased with what I have learned,” said Horozić .


Adnan Smajlović, also a final year industrial engineering student, shares a similar experience stating that a company like GIKIL is not only an inexhaustible treasure of knowledge for orientation, but also a place where every young engineer would gladly start his career.


“The most important thing is that we have a much closer picture of the real world than what we learn in university, i.e. the theory written in the books and the practice visible in the field.” “It is an honour for me, after finishing my studies, to work in a complex like this, which has both history and tradition, and has a large number of employees,” pointed out Smajlović.


The mentors, on the other hand, emphasized that they were very satisfied with the students and their commitment to learning.


“The students were very interested and asked a lot of questions, and we tried to bring them closer to what we do and how we spend our working time as engineers in a practical and optimal way, all aimed at raising their interest to be the best tomorrow at their job”, said Nurdin Ribić, a graduate mechanical engineer and maintenance manager at the Coke Plant.


Admir Bektić, head of the Maintenance Plant unit, emphasizes the importance of professional experience for future engineers, explaining that although theoretical training is the basis, it is experience that makes up the expert.


“Practice is very important for a student of this orientation as it will bring him closer to everything that awaits him in his future work, should he decide to work in a company like this. In addition to the theoretical and pedagogical part in my opinion Bektić says: “All students who have completed their studies and are about to finish their studies already have a clear understanding of the seriousness of the profession as well as the problems and benefits that come with it”.

A total of 10 students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering completed an industrial internship at GIKIL. This partnership is the result of an agreement signed in April.


“It is very important that our company’s management recognizes the value of such a mission, for us and the students. On the other hand, it is very important that the University recognized the need for a connection and understanding between education and practice. In this context, it is very important for students to quickly realize that in addition to many things taught in university, there are a number of processes and operating standards that can only be seen in industry”, says Amer Salihović, Assistant to the Executive Director for Technical and Production Affairs.


Faced with staffing shortages, Salihović said it is very important for companies like GIKIL to develop in this direction and create high-quality personnel that match the needs of the industry.


Proof of this is Lejla Mehmedović, a mechanical engineering intern at GIKIL, who says students are well on their way to gaining their first work experience and work habits that will help them in the future.


“Until yesterday, I was a student just like my colleagues who are currently interns. I know what it means to bring quality knowledge to the workplace to advance, which GIKIL absolutely can. For this reason, we are always ready to support our students and colleagues, as they will bring with them a great first work experience, useful habits and above all, love of the profession, which is really valued at this company,” Mehmedović said.


Appreciating the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the University of Tuzla as an institution committed to continuous improvement of the curriculum, especially the engineering profession, the GIKIL Management intends to elevate the existing cooperation to a higher level.

“In the coming period, the Management will consider the possibility of providing scholarships for students and employment after graduation. We have already discussed all these issues as well as other forms of mutually beneficial cooperation with the Dean of the Faculty all with the aim of combining theory and practice, i.e. knowledge and its application,” said Dževad Kasumović, Managing Director of GIKIL.