Photo/Recognition for Outstanding Service and Contribution to Work: These are GIKIL’s workers of the year

In accordance with the adopted remuneration policy, today we presented awards and letters of appreciation to the most outstanding employees of GIKIL. Fourteen of them have won the coveted title of 2022 Employee of the Year.

As pointed out by the company’s Managing Director, Dževad Kasumović, the title awarded is a prize for exceptional effort, achievement and outstanding commitment in the execution of the tasks.

“Your work has been recognized and I would like to extend my congratulations and thank you for everything you have done for us. You have been selected by your departments which is the best reflection that your superiors and colleagues really appreciate you. “I hope that you will continue to be a role model for everyone. Through this act, I encourage everyone else to do their best in their work. It is up to us to create an ambience of recognition and appreciation”, he added.