The IT Cabinet of the School of Economics Has Been Equipped Thanks to GIKIL’s Sponsorship

At the Public Institution Combined School of Economics and Chemistry Lukavac, the layout of the computer cabinet was completed. The installation of the cabinet and the purchase of computer equipment is financially supported by GIKIL company. It is one of the examples of quality social responsibility, practical support and cooperation with the local community.

Most of the teaching at our facility is done by computer, and most of them do not cover all quality work needs. With the support of the company GIKIL, we have received 6th generation computers to fully meet today’s highest programming and algorithm requirements, the school’s management told our portal.

In addition to purchasing computers, lighting, and audio equipment for presentations, some chairs were replaced and entire cabinets were furnished. The introduction of a significantly faster and better internet throughout the school is underway, which will support teaching (project-based teaching, managed IT, etc.) also in other cabinets.

On behalf of the students, staff and school management, I would like to once again thank the management of “GIKIL BH” for their support, because an investment in education is an investment in a quality future for our students and society. With various supports, individual and corporate social responsibility, investment in projects and all the work completed so far, our school environment is becoming warmer and more comfortable every day for all educational activities.” they emphasized on behalf of the school management.