New important investment

The professional firefighting force operating in GIKIL’s Health and Safety department have recently been strengthened with the purchase of a new firefighting vehicle that meets the highest global standards in terms of equipment and technical competence.

This is a domestically produced vehicle used in the most developed EU countries that will greatly facilitate the work of firefighters and raise the quality level of protection, safety and intervention, making GIKIL’s manufacturing a safer workplace.

“We can proudly point out that GIKIL is one of the few companies in the region with a fire brigade like ours, private ambulance, rescue unit and a 24/7 switchboard that can quickly respond to potential hazards within minutes. Protecting our workers and production facilities are our number one priority, which is why we continually invest in safety and health”.

A new fire vehicle is an extremely valuable investment and its importance is recognized by the Management, so along with all other investments in this department, both workers and citizens of Lukavac are protected. Our main goal of feeling safe is achieved,” said Dženan Aljukić, Head of the Health and Safety Department.

GIKIL’s corporate fire brigade has a total of 30 firefighters and currently has 3 fire trucks, and the renovation of the fire station is underway.

Another Scientific Research Project Presented in Partnership with the Faculty of Technology

Ph.D. Milnesa Zohorovic, assistant professor at the Faculty of Technology of the University of Tuzla, today presented atto GIKIL the results of a scientific research paper entitled “Treatment of Sludge from GIKIL Ammonia-Phenol Wastewater Treatment Plant”.

The purpose of this project is to analyze the input and output parameters of the ammonia-phenol sewage treatment plant to determine the efficiency of the treatment, analyze the waste sludge and its sterilization, and the optimal parameters at which the sludge turn into inert waste.

The conclusions drawn will be valuable input for further work, and additional analyzes will be carried out in collaboration between the Faculty of Technology and GIKIL, which has proven its worth both in terms of research. science and practical applications. .

The project presentation brought together laboratory assistants and students from the Faculty of Technology, as well as plant managers and engineers from GIKIL, as well as staff from the environmental field.

Our Gift to the City: A New Amusement and Recreation Park Has Been Opened in Lukavac

In the presence of a large number of children and their parents, as well as other citizens, a new amusement and recreation park was opened in Lukavac with a suitable festival program. The park, in cooperation with the mayor and the city management of Lukavac, was introduced to the public by GIKIL, a company that recognizes daily successes, both organizationally and financially and is also socially responsible and willing to invest substantial funds for the welfare of the community.


 “As a company with a rich production history in the city and as one of the oldest and largest companies in this area, we have both the need and the obligation to create better living conditions in Lukavac together with all of you.

“Coke Plant Lukavac has a whole new face of business today, just like the new face of our city, and hopefully this amusement park will serve as a landmark and witness to the new, prettier, happier place we all want to live in.” said Almin Suljić, Executive Director of Production and Technical Affairs and a member of the Management of GIKIL.

Coke Plant Lukavac with the new Management on the path of big changes

Optimizing Plants and Facilities with Environmental Protection is the Main Focus of Work

One of the main activities that we quickly carried out at Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac in the past time is the implementation of projects to prevent and reduce the emission of harmful substances into the water, as well as to protect the water source in general. Activities are carried out according to a dynamic plan, under the acquired water permits and the integrated environmental permits of which they are an integral part.

According to the Manager for Environment Protection, Emra Halilović, for the collection of technological, precipitation-polluted, and sanitary-faecal wastewater, as well as for their purification and treatment, all technical-investment paperwork has been completed at the  main implementation projects level. A separate sewage system is also specified in the project documentation.

 “At the coke storage and coal preparation warehouse, gravity filtration facilities have been built. All are working and delivering the required results. The most important aspect is that the cleaned sediment is returned to the landfill and used as a raw material in the production process. In fact, the suspended solids in the primary sediment are particles of coal and coke. As a result, there is no waste or overflow into other streams and regulatory limit values ​​are met,” pointed out Halilović.

The physicochemical and biological wastewater treatment optimization project is the only facility of its kind in the region and one of the largest and most important projects underway. The purpose is to ensure the limit values ​​specified in the Ordinance on conditions for discharge into the environment and public sewers.

 “Based on input parameters, performed analyses and required output parameters of purified water, the optimal solution is predicted to obtain pure water from technical wastewater after undergoing all necessary processing steps. A sludge storage tank and a sludge dewatering device will also be installed.” clarifies Halilović

At the same time, a project was completed to collect tar condensate from the Coke plant gas pipeline that will be transferred to the tar pumping station and then to the existing physicochemical and biological treatment at the Biology plant. Talking about the importance of the project, Executive Director for production clarifies that the same was done not only at the Power plant, but also on the gas pipelines of defrosting hall, separation and biology, while grease and oil separators were installed at the Benzene plant and at the gas holder at the Coke plant which also provides the required results.


“Operations have also started to implement, collect, treat and discharge industrial wastewater from the Power plant. The necessary pipes and inspection shafts were procured. Since these works are also widely implemented on the ground, the effect will soon be visible”, he adds.

At the Filter Station, the quartz sand was replaced in the sand filters and the corrosion protection was completed.

“At the same time, the preliminary and main project to collect, treat and discharge industrial wastewater from the filter station was completed. This is one of our biggest and most important projects, along with the project for water licensing project. The works have already started and we will see immediate effects as this will prevent suspended solids from entering the Jala River”, emphasizes Suljić.

Measures to Prevent and Reduce Harmful Emissions into the Air

With regard to air protection and atmospheric emissions, in recent times maximum attention has been paid to technological improvements in the production of raw coke gas and coking ovens.

In addition to improving technical accuracy when selecting coal blends, it is very important to have regular and unscheduled crusher overhauls for precise grinding of the blend, coke ports and ducts, as well as firewall replacement. In addition, an overhaul of the charging machines was carried out for the proper filling of the coking ovens, as well as a general overhaul of the coke gas suction system.

Repairs to the damage to the coke oven walls of the V-Coke Battery are underway and according to the Managing Director, Dževad Kasumović, the Management has decided to replace the battery’s complete platform.

„Wall renovation includes coke oven ceramic welding. Apart from the fact that it is a very complex and demanding job done at very high temperatures, the refurbishment is progressing well and about 50% of the work is already completed. All chambers, or ovens, will be renovated in this way before the end of the year. In addition, besides replacing the entire platform, it not only extends the active operation of the battery and makes better use of the coke extraction process, but above all contributes significantly to reducing harmful emissions which is the most important goal“, explains Kasumović.

Additional coke battery production and environmental improvements will be achieved early next year when two new machines will be installed.

„It is a smokeless coal charging machine and a coke receiving machine that were not working before. With new machines there will be no more waste or emissions. They have been ordered and are currently in production and are scheduled for commissioning by February 2023. All of these aim not only to improve production and technical processes, but also to reduce uncontrolled emissions into the atmosphere“, concludes Kasumović.


Significant reductions in air pollutant emissions have also been achieved by terminating activities at the Power plant. A completely new gas pipeline was put into operation to supply gas to the boilers. Smoke tubes, burner casings, combustion chamber, sieve tubes were replaced, walls around burners were repaired, outside air fans and walls were repaired, and boiler desludging was carried out. A new water heater, economizer and air heater were installed in the chimney to improve combustion in the boiler and reduce emissions.

„The PLC control system was also replaced, achieving improved regulation, air heating, the possibility of adding more air to the burner and a better gas-air mixture, better combustion formation which reduces emissions into the air“, emphasizes Almin Suljić, Executive Director for Production.

„There are currently no emissions or pollution from the Fertilizer plant, specifically since October 2021, when the Management decided to temporarily suspend the operation of the Fertilizer plant“, confirms the Managing Director, Dževad Kasumović.

„The decision was made solely due to the cessation of production caused by long-term economic and financial consequences and realized losses. All labour force is retained and assigned to other plants and departments“, says Kasumović.

On the other hand, at the maleic anhydride plant, the catalyst has been replaced and the compressor has been overhauled, and new investments are underway.

„Replacing the catalytic converter significantly reduced the concentration of carbon monoxide in the exhaust. Here, the project to reduce the concentration of xylene in the exhaust gas is expected to be implemented by the end of the year. Another major investment underway at this plant is the purchase a new reactor that should further reduce harmful emissions into the air. At the same time, we are working on improving the technological process related to wastewater treatment technology at AMK plant“, emphasizes Kasumović.

Special care should be taken to avoid ground emissions and harmful effects on the ground. Following the success of the land remediation project, the potential for biological restoration of areas devastated by industrial waste was explored with the help of the Cantonal Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection and other participants. The project was carried out with the support of the Federal Ministry of Education and Science, after which more than 500 saplings of silver spruce, red maple, white and black pine, Paulownia elongata and other flowers were planted within the entire GIKIL complex.

Minimizing Waste Production and Waste Management

The treatment and use of waste is carried out in accordance with the Law on Waste Management and the Waste Management Plan. Waste monitoring has been established, the place of generation has been identified, and a register of waste by type, quantity, method of treatment and transportation is kept correctly. In addition, the construction project and equipment for the hazardous waste and other waste storage plant are implemented to ensure storage conditions, in accordance with the law.

“Another novelty is that the entire GIKIL complex collects and sorts five types of packaging, wood, scrap paper and cardboard, in cooperation with the local community, namely Lukavac schools and citizens’ associations to which all these are donated. All of this implies that the company is in the midst of major transitions and changes and that we want to show the best of our social responsibility, all with the aim of protecting the environment“, concludes Halilović.

The Scientific Research Project of Edisa Papraćanin was presented

Ph.D. Edisa Paparačanin, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Technology, University of Tuzla, together with her colleagues, presented today at GIKIL, “Examination of fumaric acid crystallization potential and wastewater from the industrial distillation tower washing process of the AMK plant”.

In addition to the results representing valuable inputs and parameters whose application will continue to be tested in practice, the project has also identified recommendations for possible technological solutions that will also be analysed and tested further.

This is another scientific research study carried out under the cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Technology and GIKIL. The intensive cooperation will continue, with the aim of finding the best technical and productive solutions as well as GIKIL’s main goal of protecting the environment.

The presentation of the project was also attended by the chairman of the GIKIL Supervisory Board, ED production with assistants, Director of AMK plant, employees from the Environment department, Deputy Dean for Scientific Research of the Faculty of Technology and the students.

Creative Workshop for Department and Plant Leaders with Ema Borovina

For the management staff of our departments and plants, GIKIL organized a training called “Skilled Leaders”. Knowledge is important, but so is leadership as a skill. Knowing how to plan and assign tasks, organize the work most efficiently and achieve the best results, is the top priority of good work and satisfied employees. Everything is important to us, and that is why we learn from the best.

The workshop was organized in collaboration with the consulting firm “Creativa BH“ and respected educator Ema Borovina.

With more experience and new knowledge and skills, we continue to fulfil our professional and business obligations. We focus on people and focus on goals, because union is strength.

The final workshop of the creative cycle dedicated to employee internal development, titled “Performance Management”, was held for the management and senior staff. The knowledge gained brings great obligations, but also the positive changes that GIKIL is aiming for. “Growing together, awakening to full potential” are some of the messages from the trainings that we continue to follow.

Mechanical Engineering Students Completed their Industrial Internship at GIKIL: Harmony between Research Quality and Industry Needs

Safet Horozić is in his final year at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tuzla. In recent weeks, together with his colleagues, Safet has carried out an industrial practice at Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac. In addition to the knowledge gained, Safet says he will bring a lot of experience from GIKIL to help him complete his studies and decide on his future career.


“Since I am studying in the industrial engineering department, this was the first time I was exposed to specific jobs and received practical training, so the internship was very useful. So far, we have only had one day to visit the company. There are great mentors and people around them who are always willing to show us, explain and answer questions, so I am very pleased with what I have learned,” said Horozić .


Adnan Smajlović, also a final year industrial engineering student, shares a similar experience stating that a company like GIKIL is not only an inexhaustible treasure of knowledge for orientation, but also a place where every young engineer would gladly start his career.


“The most important thing is that we have a much closer picture of the real world than what we learn in university, i.e. the theory written in the books and the practice visible in the field.” “It is an honour for me, after finishing my studies, to work in a complex like this, which has both history and tradition, and has a large number of employees,” pointed out Smajlović.


The mentors, on the other hand, emphasized that they were very satisfied with the students and their commitment to learning.


“The students were very interested and asked a lot of questions, and we tried to bring them closer to what we do and how we spend our working time as engineers in a practical and optimal way, all aimed at raising their interest to be the best tomorrow at their job”, said Nurdin Ribić, a graduate mechanical engineer and maintenance manager at the Coke Plant.


Admir Bektić, head of the Maintenance Plant unit, emphasizes the importance of professional experience for future engineers, explaining that although theoretical training is the basis, it is experience that makes up the expert.


“Practice is very important for a student of this orientation as it will bring him closer to everything that awaits him in his future work, should he decide to work in a company like this. In addition to the theoretical and pedagogical part in my opinion Bektić says: “All students who have completed their studies and are about to finish their studies already have a clear understanding of the seriousness of the profession as well as the problems and benefits that come with it”.

A total of 10 students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering completed an industrial internship at GIKIL. This partnership is the result of an agreement signed in April.


“It is very important that our company’s management recognizes the value of such a mission, for us and the students. On the other hand, it is very important that the University recognized the need for a connection and understanding between education and practice. In this context, it is very important for students to quickly realize that in addition to many things taught in university, there are a number of processes and operating standards that can only be seen in industry”, says Amer Salihović, Assistant to the Executive Director for Technical and Production Affairs.


Faced with staffing shortages, Salihović said it is very important for companies like GIKIL to develop in this direction and create high-quality personnel that match the needs of the industry.


Proof of this is Lejla Mehmedović, a mechanical engineering intern at GIKIL, who says students are well on their way to gaining their first work experience and work habits that will help them in the future.


“Until yesterday, I was a student just like my colleagues who are currently interns. I know what it means to bring quality knowledge to the workplace to advance, which GIKIL absolutely can. For this reason, we are always ready to support our students and colleagues, as they will bring with them a great first work experience, useful habits and above all, love of the profession, which is really valued at this company,” Mehmedović said.


Appreciating the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the University of Tuzla as an institution committed to continuous improvement of the curriculum, especially the engineering profession, the GIKIL Management intends to elevate the existing cooperation to a higher level.

“In the coming period, the Management will consider the possibility of providing scholarships for students and employment after graduation. We have already discussed all these issues as well as other forms of mutually beneficial cooperation with the Dean of the Faculty all with the aim of combining theory and practice, i.e. knowledge and its application,” said Dževad Kasumović, Managing Director of GIKIL.

The IT Cabinet of the School of Economics Has Been Equipped Thanks to GIKIL’s Sponsorship

At the Public Institution Combined School of Economics and Chemistry Lukavac, the layout of the computer cabinet was completed. The installation of the cabinet and the purchase of computer equipment is financially supported by GIKIL company. It is one of the examples of quality social responsibility, practical support and cooperation with the local community.

Most of the teaching at our facility is done by computer, and most of them do not cover all quality work needs. With the support of the company GIKIL, we have received 6th generation computers to fully meet today’s highest programming and algorithm requirements, the school’s management told our portal.

In addition to purchasing computers, lighting, and audio equipment for presentations, some chairs were replaced and entire cabinets were furnished. The introduction of a significantly faster and better internet throughout the school is underway, which will support teaching (project-based teaching, managed IT, etc.) also in other cabinets.

On behalf of the students, staff and school management, I would like to once again thank the management of “GIKIL BH” for their support, because an investment in education is an investment in a quality future for our students and society. With various supports, individual and corporate social responsibility, investment in projects and all the work completed so far, our school environment is becoming warmer and more comfortable every day for all educational activities.” they emphasized on behalf of the school management.

A Cooperation Agreement was signed with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Tuzla

We bring together theory and practice, knowledge and application. We seek the best solutions, exchange experiences and learn from each other.

We have signed an agreement with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Tuzla. Our goal is to create collaborative research and projects, organize useful training courses and enable our students to learn in the field.

This is an example of the immense possibilities with a successful partnership

The Company GIKIL donated a Modern 3D digital Mammogram to the Lukavac Health Centre

Tuzla Canton Prime Minister Irfan Halilagić and TC Minister of Health Dajana Čolić today attended the handover ceremony of a modern 3D digital mammogram, donated to the Health Centre by GIKIL d.o.o. Lukavac.

Minister Čolić, who until recently held the position of the Director of the Lukavac Health Center, understands very well the importance of today’s donation.

“This modern 3D mammogram, the first of its kind in the area of ​​our canton, will significantly contribute to the health care of the citizens of Lukavac and Tuzla Canton, because the importance of preventive diagnostic mammography is immeasurable in the early detection of malignant breast disease. In this regard, today, on behalf of the Health Centre, but also on behalf of the Ministry of Health of the Tuzla Canton, I would like to thank the company GIKIL, which showed a high level of social responsibility by this act,” said Minister Čolić.

“Symbolically, today’s action takes place on the eve of International Women’s Day, and in addition to GIKIL’s humanitarian and corporate social responsibility, today’s ceremony imposes obligations on both the Government of Tuzla Canton and all the cities and municipalities that are the founders of health centres, to be even more dedicated to our health institutions and help them, both in personnel as well as physical and technical equipment, all with the aim of better health care for our citizens”, said Prime Minister Halilagić, thanking the representatives of the GIKIL company for this valuable donation.

On behalf of the sponsor, Global Ispat Koksna Industrija Lukavac, the Executive Director for Production, Almin Suljić, addressed guests today and emphasized that today’s donation is an indication that the paradigm is changing around this company.

“Until now, GIKIL has been known to the public as a company that pollutes the environment and there was not much positive associated with our name. With this we show that we are changing the paradigm, that we are a socially responsible company that lives with the community and that we are here to solve the problems the community is facing within the limits of our abilities,” said Suljić.