Creative Workshop for Department and Plant Leaders with Ema Borovina

For the management staff of our departments and plants, GIKIL organized a training called “Skilled Leaders”. Knowledge is important, but so is leadership as a skill. Knowing how to plan and assign tasks, organize the work most efficiently and achieve the best results, is the top priority of good work and satisfied employees. Everything is important to us, and that is why we learn from the best.

The workshop was organized in collaboration with the consulting firm “Creativa BH“ and respected educator Ema Borovina.

With more experience and new knowledge and skills, we continue to fulfil our professional and business obligations. We focus on people and focus on goals, because union is strength.

The final workshop of the creative cycle dedicated to employee internal development, titled “Performance Management”, was held for the management and senior staff. The knowledge gained brings great obligations, but also the positive changes that GIKIL is aiming for. “Growing together, awakening to full potential” are some of the messages from the trainings that we continue to follow.