Our Gift to the City: A New Amusement and Recreation Park Has Been Opened in Lukavac

In the presence of a large number of children and their parents, as well as other citizens, a new amusement and recreation park was opened in Lukavac with a suitable festival program. The park, in cooperation with the mayor and the city management of Lukavac, was introduced to the public by GIKIL, a company that recognizes daily successes, both organizationally and financially and is also socially responsible and willing to invest substantial funds for the welfare of the community.


 “As a company with a rich production history in the city and as one of the oldest and largest companies in this area, we have both the need and the obligation to create better living conditions in Lukavac together with all of you.

“Coke Plant Lukavac has a whole new face of business today, just like the new face of our city, and hopefully this amusement park will serve as a landmark and witness to the new, prettier, happier place we all want to live in.” said Almin Suljić, Executive Director of Production and Technical Affairs and a member of the Management of GIKIL.