The Scientific Research Project of Edisa Papraćanin was presented

Ph.D. Edisa Paparačanin, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Technology, University of Tuzla, together with her colleagues, presented today at GIKIL, “Examination of fumaric acid crystallization potential and wastewater from the industrial distillation tower washing process of the AMK plant”.

In addition to the results representing valuable inputs and parameters whose application will continue to be tested in practice, the project has also identified recommendations for possible technological solutions that will also be analysed and tested further.

This is another scientific research study carried out under the cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Technology and GIKIL. The intensive cooperation will continue, with the aim of finding the best technical and productive solutions as well as GIKIL’s main goal of protecting the environment.

The presentation of the project was also attended by the chairman of the GIKIL Supervisory Board, ED production with assistants, Director of AMK plant, employees from the Environment department, Deputy Dean for Scientific Research of the Faculty of Technology and the students.