Another Scientific Research Project Presented in Partnership with the Faculty of Technology

Ph.D. Milnesa Zohorovic, assistant professor at the Faculty of Technology of the University of Tuzla, today presented atto GIKIL the results of a scientific research paper entitled “Treatment of Sludge from GIKIL Ammonia-Phenol Wastewater Treatment Plant”.

The purpose of this project is to analyze the input and output parameters of the ammonia-phenol sewage treatment plant to determine the efficiency of the treatment, analyze the waste sludge and its sterilization, and the optimal parameters at which the sludge turn into inert waste.

The conclusions drawn will be valuable input for further work, and additional analyzes will be carried out in collaboration between the Faculty of Technology and GIKIL, which has proven its worth both in terms of research. science and practical applications. .

The project presentation brought together laboratory assistants and students from the Faculty of Technology, as well as plant managers and engineers from GIKIL, as well as staff from the environmental field.