New important investment

The professional firefighting force operating in GIKIL’s Health and Safety department have recently been strengthened with the purchase of a new firefighting vehicle that meets the highest global standards in terms of equipment and technical competence.

This is a domestically produced vehicle used in the most developed EU countries that will greatly facilitate the work of firefighters and raise the quality level of protection, safety and intervention, making GIKIL’s manufacturing a safer workplace.

“We can proudly point out that GIKIL is one of the few companies in the region with a fire brigade like ours, private ambulance, rescue unit and a 24/7 switchboard that can quickly respond to potential hazards within minutes. Protecting our workers and production facilities are our number one priority, which is why we continually invest in safety and health”.

A new fire vehicle is an extremely valuable investment and its importance is recognized by the Management, so along with all other investments in this department, both workers and citizens of Lukavac are protected. Our main goal of feeling safe is achieved,” said Dženan Aljukić, Head of the Health and Safety Department.

GIKIL’s corporate fire brigade has a total of 30 firefighters and currently has 3 fire trucks, and the renovation of the fire station is underway.